1971: Foundation of AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG

through Nils Sandolm, Urs Jäger and Roland Dätwyler, as a pure overhauling enterprise for automatic lathes TORNOS, BECHLER, PETERMANN, INDEX and TRAUB. Sporadic delivery difficulties of automatic lathe manufacturers for necessary spare parts induced the management to start manufacturing those themselves so as to provide a better customer service. This was how AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG developed into a broadly based company

1981: Start of trade with machine tools

Trade with used machine tools, agency of new machines and equipment

1997: A turning point in expansion

January 1, 1997, was a turning point for the company. After competing with one another for many years, AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG and TORNOS-BECHLER SA cooperated by creating a joint subsidiary to handle the spare parts business for cam controlled single spindle lathes.

2000: New Focus

With the take-over of LÖFFEL AG precision parts, AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG diversifies itself and smoothes the way for succession

2008: Purchase of the real estate of former company Brotschi AG

The scarce space conditions in the production enterprise induced the management to find a new solution. With the purchase of the real estate, two companies could move into premises with 6500 m2 office and work space



2010: Merger of AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG and Löffel AG

Economic conditions have induced the management to merge the two companies





2013: New company

Mr. Daniel Rösti outsources the machine sales department of AUTOMATEN TECHNIK AG and takes it over to the newly founded DAROTEC AG.